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  1. fAkeN added a topic in News   

    Load reduction
    A lot of questions appears from customers such as: "Why my pc is heavily loaded when i opening some more windows? Is it possible to reduce the load ? "
    Sure, you can remove almost full load by minimizing "Background game" to the minimal by slider:.

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    The disappearance of files
    Sometimes, when Adrenaline closes itself (crushes), or you closing it not "correctly" (by closing it via Task Manager, or shutdowning your PC), bot files hides. To avoid such disappearance, you should close it correctly.
    Where is two types, how to close the software "correctly":

    If you accidentally, closed Adrenaline by making shutdown and you can't find those files, you don't have to make updates, just open one of "three random letters .exe" file.

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  3. fAkeN added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestions and wishes
    Here, you can write suggestions or wishes to improve our software interface or script engine!
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    Adrenaline Updater v1.0.0
    Adrenaline Updater
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    Self heal / cleanse
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    Mob kiting
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    Out of party buff configuration
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    Mob filtering
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  10. fAkeN added a post in a topic Installation and downloads   

    Some basic problems and their sollutions:
    1. User Account Control (UAC)

    2. Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
    Start / search / cmd / open as Administrator / bcdedit.exe /set {current} nx AlwaysOff / PC restart

    3. After trying to disable DEP, getting error "The value is protected by secure boot policy and cannot be modified or deleted." You will need to disable Secure boot in the bios.
    4. The bot can't inject to Lineage2. Make sure injection button is enabled (In the bot Red Android button)

    5. Run Adrenalin.exe in compatibility mode for Windows 7

    6. Some antiviruses can find Adrenalin.exe as a threat. To avoid that, put Adrenaline folder to AV / Windows defender exclusion list.
    7. Error that means your key.txt file is empty or faulty. (Sometimes people see keys on skype written not in capital letters "l2botdfhdfgdfg...") or your license has ended.

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  11. fAkeN added a post in a topic LIST OF SUPPORTED LINEAGE2 SERVERS AND PRICES   

    LICENSE D - ($10 / Month  One key - one client.)
    (Auto payment)

    and list of servers with license A / B, working on two clients.
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