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  3. Sorry, the bot doesn't work on l2 badge, could you please help me

  4. @Krickt Does it have the frontstab backstab feature for daggers ? (That allow to land backstab from front) ?
  5. i bought 20 usd obtion and https://www.l2wolfgang.com/ dont work why..?

  6. I'm new to adrenalin, everyone time I download it, my anti virus kicks in and says there is a trojan virus attached. Can you tell me why this is please. Thank you

  7. hi bro i need fix from l2metal on my friend's pc. Can you send me link from pay this fix?

  8. Sveikas gali padet , kazkodel negaliu pajungti boto, viska pajungiu bet va c6 la2dream.com A licenzija


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