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NexTarget - radar for Lineage 2, which gives an overwhelming advantage in PvP and the game as a whole!
Radar allows you to select your target in one second just like to find a needle in a haystack using a magnet! 
Additional features will make you a master of the game and flexible settings will ensure your comfort!

- supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), Interlude - Salvation, Classic
- languages: english / russian, explanation of the settings by clicking on the question mark
- customizable interface, lists of priority targets and attacking players, minimap
- multilevel combo sorting by classes, clans, names, buffs, status, etc.
- autoAssist, defense of allies, highlighting of priority players and certain classes
- customizable shortcuts for interface and functions, sound alerts
- display of detailed information about target (HP, MP, stats, equipment, buffs, etc.)
- adjusting animations and objects to reduce load in crowded places
- ability to use own scripts, creating widgets and screen notifications
- PvP functions (anti agression, anti invisible, auto CP, HP, MP, break casts, anti break casts,
buffs dispel, attack wars after ressurection, collective skill using, fast "Alt+B" buff,
control of "noblesse blessing", fix of autoattack bug, quest cursor for targets,
anti disarm, anti backward attacks, auto backward attacks)

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