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Boost - universal plugin for enchanting items and skills

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Boost - universal plugin for Lineage 2(L2) that lets you skip the boring parts of the game.
Looking for a clicker whole evening, and it's not working? Boost works almost everywhere!
Tired of days to catch desired effect in weapon? Boost will catch up everything to all items while you sleep!

  • supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), from Interlude to Fafurion / Seven Sings
  • multilanguage interface, profiles of settings
  • enchanting all necessary items and skills without editing settings for every item / skill
  • lightning fast speed (~200 enchantments / ~150 augmentations / ~300 combines per minute)
  • setuping random pause for enchanting to be safe
  • hiding players and monsters, clearing memory of game client
  • notifications after ending working (sound, lighting and showing game window)
  • enchanting items with the possibility of using the bless.scrolls and stones
  • augmenting weapons and jewelry with any effects (any skills, any stats)
  • attributing items with stones and crystals
  • combining jewels, soul crystals, talismans and runes, their unpacking
  • enchanting skills with common and bless.codexes
  • buying talismans in the fort/castle with deletion of unnecessary

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