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Tateos - plugin for Tateossian(TT) recipes

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Tateos - plugin for Lineage 2(L2) for passing quests "Egg Delivery" and "Delivery of Special Liquor".
Plugin uses smart algorithms to find the shortest path and select dialogs.
And it shows invisible GMs, he-he!

  • supports 99% of servers(java, pts, off), from Interlude to Fafurion / Seven Sings
  • multilanguage interface, profiles of settings
  • starting working on any quest stage
  • supports servers with alternative location of NPCs
  • supports dinamical dialogs
  • 2 paths to choose, ready base of paths, selection of base, paths editor
  • teleportation and buff with dialogs or "Alt+B"
  • showing invisible GM's, notification and deactivation when detected
  • hiding players and monsters from getting stuck and improving performance
  • clearing memory of game client to improve stability
  • activating bot and loading necessary profile
  • setuping random pause for dialogs
  • depositing recipes to clan warehouse(CWH)
  • notification on problems (sound, lighting and showing game window)

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